King of the wild frontier

Updated 3/18/08

11/12/07 - Featured Picture for March
Quinn chilling in the pool!
3/1/07 - Welcome to Quinn!

Although we expected Quinn on 5/5/07, he got so excited at The Mercury Four show at the Tractor Tavern that he decided it was time to come on out. Quinn was born on 3/1/07 at Swedish Hospital on 1st Hill, 10 weeks early. He's been strong from the start and he just keeps getting bigger. Check this page for more updates and pictures, cause you know we'll have them!
  December Pictures
  Quinn in the bath, bubble beards, Kim and Becky visit, Quinn's first Christmas!(12/07)
  December in Oakland
  Visiting mom and the family in Oakland (12/07)
  Mom's Color
  Color pictures of Quinn from my mom. (11/07)
  Mom's Black & Whites
  Beautiful pix of Quinn from my mom. (11/07)
  October Pictures
  Shark attack family, standing in the rain forest, eating mushy food and playing in the jumparoo! (10/07)
  September Pictures
  Firefighters, checking out the computer with dad, and chicken baby! (9/07)
  August Pictures
  Quinn took his first plane ride down to San Diego to meet his Uncle Evan, Auntie Sam and his cousins! (8/07)
  Portland Road Trip
  We took Quinn on his first road trip down to Portland for Jen and Jason's wedding. He had his first big smiles! (7/07)
  June Pictures
  It's been beautiful here in Seattle, just perfect for Quinn's first summer. Not really a lot going on. (6/07)
  May Pictures
  A lot happened in May - most importantly Quinn's 0th birthday! He finally reached his due date (5/5), so we can count his age in the positive. Also pix of riding the cat, sleeping with dad, Quinn's first stroller ride, invisible baby, and hanging with Jen and Amelia. (5/07)
  Quinn's First Bath at Home
  Pop Doring took some very artistic pictures in our small bathroom. We sure like to take naked bathing baby pix! (4/25/07)
  Quinn Comes Home!!!
  Quinn finally gets to come home, and the adventure begins for real. (4/23/07)
  Chip gives Quinn a Bath.
  Chip's turn to give Quinn a bath. (4/18/07)
  Quinn's First Bath
  Quinn gets his first bath! He especially liked getting his back rubbed (just like his mom). (4/10/07)
  Auntie Mari/Angel Baby
  A visit from Auntie Mari, and sweet pictures of Quinn with no tubes! (4/9/07)
  Chip and Quinn hit the bottle!
  Quinn is learning to take food from a bottle - Chip loves to feed him! Quinn is also in a fancy open air bucket after graduating from the isolette. Warning - nudie boy pictures in here. (3/28/07)
  At Swedish
  First pictures of Quinn - the fuzzy pictures are polaroids that the nurse took on Quinn's first night. Also some new pictures (3/24/07) of Chip with Quinn.
  Melissa's Gallery
  My friend Melissa came to Swedish and took these pictures of Quinn and me. (3/21/07)
  March of Dimes Photo Shoot
  The March of Dimes sent a photographer through the NICU to do family portraits. Some very beautiful shots in hear. Grammas will tear up. (3/20/07)
  In the Womb
  Stuff from when Quinn was still inside - ultrasounds and heartbeat tracks.